Graduate Students at the Technion

  1. Epstein, Raisa M.Sc. in Mathematics, 1983Thesis title: ”Monte Carlo method for evaluation of Wiener integrals”.
  2. Belitski, Volodya Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, 1991Thesis title: ”Time dynamics of spin systems on fi and infi lattices”.
  3. Rosov, Liat M.Sc. in Mathematics, 1992Thesis title: ”Time dynamics of interacting particle systems on a lattice”.
  4. Erlihson, Michael M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, 2003.Thesis title: ” Coagulation-fragmentation process: Equilibrium and transient be- havior”.
  5. Manos, Nadav M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics,Thesis title: ”The rate of convergence of Markov chains to the steady state.” 2005.
  6. Erlihson, Michael PhD in Applied Mathematics, Thesis title: ”Asymptotics of mul- tiplicative measures and transient behavior of coagulation-fragmentation processes.” 2007.
  7. Kryvoshaev, Alex M.Sc. in Applied mathematics, Thesis title: ”Transient behaviour of coagulation-fragmentation processes”, 2010.

Supervision of projects for excellent undergraduate students.

Yanir Rubinstein: ”The Harold Shapiro inequality.”(2002)

Mark Braverman: ”Mean coverage function of spin systems.”(2003)